Along with Defense Industry Project disciplines, we provide content and application support for system/device/equipment trainings for users of all levels.

We provide application support in providing user/maintainer level trainings, which is one of your contractual obligations, in Defense Industry Projects where you are involved with your products as a Manufacturer/Supplier.

Preparation of training application documents

Training planning and coordination

Preparation of training curriculum and content documents

Provision of educational aids

Carrying out the training

Preparation of training result documents

We provide the necessary training to both the project teams and the customer/user personnel regarding the general technical features and usage concepts of the platforms, especially in military shipbuilding projects.
Introduction of the general features of the platform
Explaining the mission concept and operations
Onboard safety considerations
General introduction of system/device/equipment
Introducing fire-fighting measures and possibilities
Applied trainings
Ship handling principles

20 Years Of Experience

General ship handling procedures
Bridge and machinery control mission organizations
Introduction of fire-fighting, damage control equipment on board
Safety measures to be applied when ship systems are in operation
Applications of emergency response teams
Navigational safety training
Port/navigation mission organization and training of relevant personnel
Use of onboard fire-fighting equipment
Applied trainings

The most important part of shipbuilding projects is the test/trial and acceptance processes. In this context, performance tests of the system/device equipment mounted on the ship are carried out under the most challenging conditions, while at the same time all other system devices of the ship must be activated.

We provide user trainings to the relevant personnel for fire-damage control measures.

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